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For "Nicki"

Why shamanism?

Jennifer’s background: Final 20 minutes


A curious difference: being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a mitigating factor in the US but an aggravating factor in Russia.

The American justice system is all about intent, motive, mind-reading. I find that very disturbing. None of these things matter to the victims, yet every other criminal trial is dedicated to the weird guesswork about thoughts and motives.

I watch a lot of Forensic Files, etc programs, hence the observation.

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New Left political tactics & infantilism


Silly Site o’ the Day

Ugh, not the best way to start a three-day weekend. I seem to have pulled a back muscle or two. It's mostly eased now but that's because I was either inactive or unconscious most of the afternoon. We all need something to make us feel better - here's some lovely sculptures created from colored pencils and other everyday objects (via Laughing Squid).
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Party Update

The party is on full blast. People ow my food and they brought gifts.

N is socializing like I’ve never seen him do in my life. And one guest turned out to be a fellow Yalie.

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